Remember the days when you could spend all day riding a bike, kicking a ball around, or having a water fight?

Code Pineapple is about reclaiming those care-free days and setting free your inner child. It's also about making sure your kids take full advantage of being a kid.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Imagine you're staring at your computer screen and start to doze off…you get woken up by your friend who's banging on their desk out of frustration. You look at them and say, “Pineapple?” They look back, start to smile, and say “Pineapple!” The next thing you know the two of you are floating down a river with books in hand, relaxing and having fun.

Now it's time to do it for real. Unplug from your zombie electronics and daily stresses to have some care-free fun. Adventure awaits.


And now it's time to introduce our most infamously unknown author... Marina J. Bowman. To tell her story, we're going to need to go to an entirely different page. Click here to learn about Marina J. Bowman.