Books kids love to read

Pineapple is the code word for unplugged fun

Unplug and Unleash the Fun

Maybe this sounds familiar...

It's a frustrating struggle to get the kiddos to focus on one thing for long.

Reading with your child feels like a chore, where nobody is having fun.

It's a challenge to engage, connect with, or relate to your little monsters.

You worry about their development, and may even feel like you're not being a good parent.

Too Much Screen Time Could Be The Cause

Do your kids play online games for hours or watch unboxing videos on repeat? After, do they act like moody zombies?

Kids can become over-stimulated by tech screens, which can negatively affect mood, concentration, and attention span.

Even tech giants limit their kids screen time.

And there is hope... The right book can grab your kids attention and keep it.

Save Time With Books Designed To Help

Code Pineapple books can help you...

Enjoy fun stories together that are filled with activities and life lessons, regardless of your kids' learning type

Put away the screen and forget it's there

Raise a child that is less distractible and more able to focus

Grow their creativity & problem-solving

Have confidence in your child's development and success in school and beyond

Get fun SWAG to go along with the stories!